Sunday, January 25, 2009

Free Ficlets

I feel like highlighting the free ficlets I have on my website. I'm going to feature one a day for the next week or so.

All of the ficlets can be read on the "prompt word ficlets" page of my website, here.

A summary of all of my releases to date can be viewed either here, on the "my publications" page of my website, or here, on my listings page on the Torquere Books site.

Most of the ficlets I'll be featuring were written from prompt words given to me via the guestbook at my website, but I've also cross-posted ficlets written for TQ's LJ social there, as well as the ficlet I wrote for TQ's road of relationships board. Some of the ficlets continue some of my publications, and some are stand-alone.

Here's the first one. It continue's Cow Pie Bingo, and uses the prompt words boner, shower, soap, balls:

Evan and Gary Take a Shower

Evan heard a noise behind him as he closed his cell phone. He turned and saw Gary smiling at him. It was one of those face-splitting ear-to-ear smiles. Evan's reciprocal smile was automatic.

"You sound happy, Evan," commented Gary.

"I am happy. It's crazy, I should be feeling scared right now but instead I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders," replied Evan.

Gary opened his arms and Evan stepped smoothly into them. Jesus, it felt so damned good wrapped in that strong, warm embrace. Evan felt his cock twitch – the damned thing had a mind of its own.

Evan couldn't resist – he turned his head and nibbled on the side of Gary's neck. He felt Gary's arms tighten around him then Gary moved to bring his mouth down on Evan's.

Evan still found it hard to believe the overwhelmingly powerful reaction his body had to the man's kiss. Jesus, he was springing a damned boner right there and he'd already come twice earlier that afternoon.

Gary broke the kiss and stepped back to look at Evan. He chuckled as his eyes traveled down to Evan's rapidly hardening prick. "Oh, we're going to get along beautifully, Evan," he said.

Evan laughed and noticed that Gary was similarly affected. "Oh, yeah," agreed Evan.

Gary's eyes twinkled as they traveled over Evan's abs and took in the dried spunk that still clung to his skin. "Why don't we take care of our little – ah – dilemma in the shower, babe?" Gary asked.

Evan had to laugh. Gary captured his hand and led him down the hall to the bathroom. Gary had a large walk-in shower. He reached in and started the water before turning back to Evan.

They only had time for a few light smacking kisses before steam was rising from the shower. Gary stepped back and pulled Evan into the stall with him.

"Business first," said Gary. He reached for the shampoo and poured some into Evan's hand, then into his own. They worked the woodsy scented stuff into their hair then took turns rinsing under the spray.

Gary reached for the bar of soap and lathered up his hands. He winked at Evan. "Arms up, babe," he said.

Evan grinned and lifted his arms in the air. Clearly Gary liked taking charge and Evan was fascinated by his own newfound inclination for deferring control to another.

Gary slowly moved his large hands up one arm, then the other, gently, but firmly working the suds into Evan's skin. He lingered a moment longer than necessary at Evan's armpits, then moved down to circle his nipples.

Evan closed his eyes and his head dropped back as his hands came down to rest on Gary's shoulders. Gary's hands moved lower, trailing slowly downwards, before stopping to lather off what remained of the dried come on his abs.

Evan lifted his head and stared into Gary's eyes as Gary's hands moved still lower. Evan gasped as one of Gary's hands took a firm grip on Evan's now aching cock and the other cupped his balls, rolling them gently.

Evan knew he should be doing something to reciprocate but remaining upright with a firm grip on Gary's shoulders was all he could manage at the moment. Gary didn't seem to mind – he leaned down and began a deep and very thorough kiss as he pumped Evan's cock.

Evan groaned and moved his hands around to the back of Gary's neck. Gary's second hand moved lower, putting pressure behind Evan's balls, stimulating his prostate from the outside.

Gary sped up his pumping action and slipped his thumb through Evan's slit. Evan groaned again and felt his orgasm building towards release.

The hot water beat against Evan's back as the pressure built and a jolt raced along his spine. He cried out into Gary's mouth as hot come spurted over Gary's hand. Gary released him from the kiss and Evan lowered his head to Gary's shoulder, breathing heavily.

Evan's sense of fair play helped him to quickly regain his composure. He leaned back to look into Gary's eyes as he slowly moved his hands down Gary's chest.

Gary caught Evan's hands in one of his own and he stared intently back into Evan's eye's. Gary shook his head. "No, Evan. On your knees, babe."

That's a bit of a tease at the end, isn't it? Not to worry. The next ficlet continued this little story. :)

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