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Ficlet - "The Nooner" - Rated NC-17

Here's a ficlet I wrote yesterday for Torquere's Livejournal Social Community. These are the prompt words I was given (they were all used): nooner, blindfold, camera, intense, numb, ice cream, tomatoes, keychain, spiral staircase, flagpole, WaterPik shower massager. The prompt words led me beyond PG-13 this time, clearly into the realm of NC-17. Not work safe…definitely not.

The Nooner

You've got to come home right now. For Spooner. It's an emergency. Jerry's voicemail hadn't been very specific. Ben was numb with worry as he trotted from the car to the front entrance of their new house. Poor little kitty.

He fumbled and dropped his keychain, then knocked his head on the poorly placed flagpole.

"Dammit." He stood up and stumbled up to the door, rubbing his head.

"Jerry?" Ben hollered through the house. "Where are you? Where's Spooner? Is she going to be okay?"

Ben's jaw dropped as Jerry sauntered out of the kitchen, buck naked, eating a bowl of ice cream as if he didn't have a care in the world.

"What do you mean?" Jerry asked.

Ben sputtered. "Your voicemail. You said 'For Spooner.' You said it was an emergency."

Jerry grinned. "For Spooner? No, she's fine. I said for a nooner." He glanced down at his half-hard cock and shrugged. "It's kind of an emergency."

"You're kidding."

"You're not mad, are you? Sorry, you look upset."

Ben scratched at the sore spot on his head. "No, not at you. I hit my head and I would have sworn you said Spooner, so I was worried."

"Sorry hon. Didn't mean to worry you." Jerry leaned over to give him a light kiss.

"Mmm, nice." Ben wrapped his arms around Jerry's neck and pressed in. Jerry's arms came around his waist, then Ben shuddered as he felt the cold ice cream sliding down his back.

Ben jumped back. "Shit, Jerry. You're tipping your bowl."

Jerry grimaced. "Sorry. Damn. I keep having to apologize to you today."

Ben looked into the dripping, half empty bowl Jerry still held in his hands. "What the hell is that? Please tell me you don't have tomatoes mixed in with your pistachio."

"What's wrong with that?"

Ben sighed. "Nothing I guess. Just don't ever give it to me that way, okay?"

"Check. No tomato with pistachio for you." Jerry wiggled his eyebrows. "Hey, this mess works out, anyway. My surprise for you is in the shower."

"There's a surprise?" Things were looking up. He rather liked Jerry's surprises.

Jerry got an intense look in his eyes. "You're really gonna like this one."


Jerry put his bowl down on the coffee table and led Ben to the spiral staircase leading up to their loft that had been the deciding selling point for the house.

Upstairs Jerry opened his top dresser drawer and pulled out a purple blindfold. Uh oh. "When did you get that?"

"Last weekend. I want you blindfolded for the surprise."

"O—kay." He could go with that. He closed his eyes as Jerry wrapped the thing twice around his head.

Then Jerry stepped away. It was disorienting standing there in the dark. Ben put his hands up, reaching for Jerry.

He heard a click and barely detected a flash through the edges of the blindfold. "What was that? A camera? Tell me you didn't just take a picture of me standing here like a doofus."

"Um, sorry, that'd be a lie."

"That better not end up on the Internet."

Jerry laughed. "Quit worrying. Just relax now. You need to get undressed now for our shower."

"Fine." Ben pulled off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt as Jerry went straight for his pants. Ben kicked out of his shoes so Jerry could get them off. His socks and boxers were peeled off last.

"There," said Jerry. "Much better." Ben could hear the smile in Jerry's voice.

A hand at his elbow led Ben into the bathroom. Jerry started the water in the shower.

"Okay, it's hot enough, come on in," Jerry instructed him.

Ben stepped into the shower stall. But where was the water? He reached up to adjust the shower head, but it wasn't there. Instead there was a hose running out. He followed the hose down to the sprayer in Jerry's hands."

"When did we get a hand held shower thingy?"

"I got it this weekend. You're going to loved it, Ben. It's not just any old sprayer, it's a WaterPic shower massager."

[Technically I've used all the prompt words now and could just end it here. But what the heck, they're already nekkid…]

"Huh. Well, that sounds good."

"Just wait." Jerry's voice changed to his bossy tone. "Turn around now. Put your hands on the wall."

Sweet. Orders. Ben did as he was told.

Jerry started on his forearm, and worked his way up to his shoulder. It wasn't too intense, but it was nice. Relaxing. Jerry switched to the other arm. When Jerry reached his other shoulder he adjusted the nozzle and the water powered out, pulsing as Jerry drew circles on his back with the powerful stream.

Ben moaned and dropped his head down. Damn, Jerry'd been right. He was really loving it. So relaxing. Jerry's free hand landed on his ass, kneading his cheeks before trailing around to the front to pump his stiffening prick.

"Like the surprise?" Jerry's voice was low in his ear.

Ben's reply was more of a groan. "Love it. Don't stop."

"Do I ever?"

Nope, he sure didn't. Jerry never stopped until after Ben expected him to. Of course, that was one of the many things he loved about the man.

Jerry's arm snaked around to his front and the water jet pulsed across his chest. Ben pushed back as Jerry pressed against his back, grinding himself along the crack of his ass.

The water massage moved down to circle around his abs as Jerry's other hand maintained a firm, steady, slippery slide along his rock hard cock. Ben groaned as teeth nipped along his shoulder, and the grind against his ass turned frenzied.

"No." Ben protested when Jerry's hand dropped his prick. Damn, he was that close to coming. "Don't fucking stop."

"Just ramping it up a bit, love." Jerry turned the nozzle on the shower head again…actually to a less intense pulse, before grabbing his cock again. Ben appreciated the water adjustment when the jet hit his balls.

Ben's reaction was immediate. A groan tore through him as Jerry's firm grip milked the come from his prick.

The WaterPik dropped to the floor of the shower stall as Jerry pressed Ben up against the wall. Ben's head fell back on Jerry's shoulders and Jerry made his final frenzied thrusts along Ben's crack. Jerry's arms came around him, holding him tightly, then Jerry moaned into his shoulder as warm spunk spilled into the crush between them.

Long moments later Jerry released him. Feeling disoriented in the dark, Ben kept his hands on the wall as Jerry retrieved the sprayer and rinsed them off.

The water turned off and Jerry's hands carefully unwound the blindfold. Ben turned to see Jerry's smiling face.

"Am I forgiven for my minor subterfuge to get you home?"

Subterfuge? "I knew you'd said 'for Spooner.'"

Jerry grimaced. "Sorry. Forgive me?"

Ben sighed. "Of course." Then he smiled back at Jerry. "It was worth it."

"Love you." Jerry's grin was wide.

"Love you, too."

The End

"That better not end up on the Internet."
Oops. I hope Jerry doesn't get in trouble for this.

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Thank you! - Addison Albright

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ficlet - PG-13

Hello! I hope you enjoyed the little ficlet I posted yesterday. Here's another one featuring the same two quirky characters. This one incorporates 25 prompt words/phrases. Again, I'd give it a PG-13 rating for innuendo.

Here are the prompt words/phrases that were used: woodpile, kindling, hearth, watermelon, mango, heat, howl, brother, stars, cincher, stallion, snow, ice, windy, bitter cold, jingle bells, fruit cake, colored balls, squirrel, pudding, toaster, sir, chocolate, grin, batteries not included

Yeesh! This ficlet's written in much the same tone as the one posted yesterday and was accomplished in 502 words! Again, I'll admit that I was given a few more words than those listed, but only promised to use "at lease one word" from each contributor, but I did only ditch 4 suggested prompt words for this. :)

I've underlined the prompt words in the ficlet, below:

A Wild Hair
A Prompt Word Ficlet by Addison Albright

"I'm not calling in sick to play hooky again!" Ben was adamant.

Jerry's grin was mischievous. Ben was learning to get nervous when that grin appeared. "I'm not saying right now. We can plan it for Saturday."

"But a picnic? In December? I don't know…it's pretty darned bitter cold out there. Not to mention windy as hell. All we'll need is snow and ice to make it the craziest picnic on record."

Jerry laughed and looked at him like he was the one that was nuts. "Not outside. We'll spread out a blanket in front of the fireplace. I'll scrounge through what's left of the woodpile for logs and kindling. The heat from a roaring fire will be just the thing to make us forget the howl of the wind outside."

That sounded pretty good, actually. Ben could get behind a cozy little hearth side carpet picnic. "I wonder if I can find a watermelon in December? Or mango. I love mango." Especially since learning it was an aphrodisiac.

"Yeah, and pudding. I love chocolate pudding."

"Well yeah, I can make pudding, but that's not picnic food. Heck, we might as well break out Aunt Gertrude's fruitcake if we're not going to stick to the theme." He'd much rather squirrel that heavy monstrosity away somewhere in case they both lost their jobs, and were starving. Really starving, 'cause damn.

"Oh, okay. Hey, let's do it after dark so it can be like we're camping next to a campfire. The Christmas tree lights reflecting off the colored balls will be like we're looking up at the stars."

Well maybe for someone with Jerry's imagination, but Ben could go with that. Night would be better for getting frisky in front of the fireplace, and he could certainly get behind that. "Fine."

"One more thing…"

Oh brother. "What?"

"Wear that waist cincher I got you for your birthday? You haven't worn it for me yet."

Ben's mouth opened but nothing came out. Well, okay, he could do that. He'd had way more fun than he'd ever expected to have the last time Jerry'd gotten a wild hair in his ass and Ben had ended up with a purple dildo in his. He nodded.

Jerry's grin widened. "Good. I'll have you open that present with the gold jingle bells on it, too. Hey, make sure we have some double A's."

"Double A's?"

"Yeah, batteries. The box you'll be unwrapping said 'batteries not included'. We'll definitely want to have some on hand."

Ben took a deep, steadying breath. Jerry hadn't steered him wrong yet. He blushed to admit it, but he liked it when Jerry turned all dom on him like that. Jerry turned into such a…for lack of a less cheesy word…stallion. "Okay. I'll make sure we have some."

"Oh, and the toaster. We'll need to bring the toaster out here, too."

Jesus. "Do I want to ask?"

"Probably not."

"You going to make me call you 'Sir' again?"

"That a problem?"

No. It sure wasn't.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ficlet PG-13

Hello! It's been a few weeks since I've posted a little ficlet, so here's one I wrote incorporating 18 prompt words/phrases. I'd give it a PG-13 rating for innuendo.

Here are the prompt words/phrases that were used: sunshine, breakfast, coffee, alarm clock, school bus, large haldron collider, sweltering, studio, purple dildo, leather, shovel, hornet, dominate, hot chocolate, rhinestone, leash, flake, If you do that one more time…

Whew! I think I managed a fairly coherent, sexy yet sweet little ficlet using all of those words, and only taking 555 words to do it! In the interests of full disclosure I'll admit that I was given a few more words than those listed, but only promised to use "at lease one word" from each contributor. :)

I've underlined the prompt words in the ficlet, below:

Playing Hooky
A Prompt Word Ficlet by Addison Albright

Ben turned the coffee maker on and pulled a box of Corn Flakes out of the cabinet. The alarm clock had gone off way too early this morning and he was going to need lots of caffeine with his breakfast.

"Good morning sunshine." Jerry's voice was as sunny as the day. "Coffee smells great, but I'm in the mood for hot chocolate today."

"Hot chocolate? Really? It's gonna be sweltering today."

Mr. I-love-mornings winked at him. "You're drinking coffee."

He couldn't refute that logic so he poured his cereal, sat down and willed the coffee pot to drip faster. "You going in to the studio today?"

A school bus rumbled by and he missed Jerry's reply. It involved an eye roll, though.


"I said, what's the point? The earth's going to be swallowed by a black hole today anyway. Might as well stay home for it."

Ben just shook his head. Jerry and his large haldron collider worries. "You're pretty chipper this morning considering the world's coming to an end."

Jerry smiled. "Well, I don't really believe that. But don't you think it would be a fun excuse to just stay home. You know. Say to hell with it all, we're playing hooky today."

He grinned. Jerry was a free spirit and sometimes his attitude was contagious. There wasn't anything he needed to do at the office today that couldn't be put off a day, was there? "What excuse should I use?"

"You could just tell old Prather a hornet stung you. You're allergic to freaking everything so that'd work. He's such a flake anyway you could tell him anything."

"What about you? I can just hear Jenkins now: if you do that one more time…"

Jerry laughed. "He always says that. I'll just tell him I've got the stomach flu and I'll work from home. I'm pretty much done with that project anyway."

He wasn't going to tell his boss he'd been stung by a hornet but he could see a case of the stomach flu buying him a day at home. Damn, what a fun idea. "What do you want to do with our day off? We can't go out and risk being seen after calling in."

Jerry had a playful glint in his eye. "We're being bad. I think we should be really bad. Remember those gifts Randy gave us when we moved in together? The one's you put in the back of the closet?"

Jesus. "The leather collar?"

"And the rhinestone studded leash."

"Oh yeah." Damn. Jerry had such a hopeful look in his eyes. "Ah, okay. Who's going to wear it?"

Jerry gave him an eyebrow wiggle. "Wanna dominate me? Or would you rather be dominated?"

He wouldn't know where to start. The idea of Jerry getting all Dom on him was kind of intriguing, though. Hot even. "Uh, you can be in charge."

Jerry's eyes turned serious. "I've got a purple dildo with your name on it."

Ben choked. A what? Was it too late to back out? He opened his mouth, but nothing came out.

Jerry walked calmly over to the coffee pot and turned it off. He poured a cup and set it in front of Ben. "Drink up and shovel in some cereal. You're going to need the energy."

What had he gotten himself into?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ficlet - PG Rated :)

This one's just sweet. It was written from prompt words: Cyril, cat, were___, murder

I know, I know…murder…were___? This is a sweet story? Just read it if you don't believe me :-D …

The Joke's on Tanner

Cyril drained the last of the pale ale and set the bottle down on the bar carefully. Friday the frigging thirteenth; he hated it. Tanner knew how superstitious he was, and teased him by treating Friday the thirteenth like it was April the first, thus necessitating Cyril's need to stop on the way home for a little fortification.

The first year they'd been together Tanner had pulled out all the stops. Tanner'd been working as an extra on a cheesy horror flick. He'd buddied up with one of the werewolf extras and had the man hiding, in full costume, in their kitchen. The man had pounced out at him when he'd walked in. Cyril'd fallen back in shock and was only thankful he'd not messed himself from the fright. Tanner'd almost died laughing.

Tanner kept it interesting by skipping the ritual now and then. Cyril never knew if he was going to walk in on an elaborately staged murder scene, an apartment mined with booby traps, or nothing at all. So when he finally found himself standing in front of their apartment door, key in hand, he was feeling more than a little jumpy.

He opened the door carefully and peered inside. Nothing. All was quiet. He knew that didn't mean there wasn't a surprise lurking for him, but at least he could safely step into his own living room. He closed the door behind him.

"Tanner? You home?" Cyril hollered in the direction of the hallway.

He heard a noise, then Tanner came out of the bedroom to greet him. It was what was be-bopping along in front of Tanner that caught Cyril's attention, though.

A cat? No, more like a kitten. A solid coal black little kitten, running straight for him. And it was absolutely adorable.

Cyril couldn't resist a grin at the kitten's antics, poor little thing was tripping all over itself trying to run. He crouched down and put a hand out to the kitten.

"What's its name, Tanner?"

"Uh, it's not named yet. Figured I let you name her."

The kitten reached his hand and he played with her, teasing her into running around in circles.

"She sure is sweet."

"Uh huh."

"How about 'Pumpkin'?"

Tanner made a face. "Gag me. You know that's a black cat."


"It's crossing your path. Back and forth. Like at least ten times already."


"And it's Friday the thirteenth."

"She's too cute to be bad luck."


"That all you had for me this time? An adorable kitty?"

Tanner rolled his eyes. "We're not calling it 'Pumpkin'."



"I know. Lucky. That's her name."

Tanner squatted down across from him and joined in, playing with the kitten. "She is lucky. She was on 'death row' at the pound."

"Poor thing. I'm glad you saved her."

Tanner looked at him with a lopsided grin. "Yeah, me too. Even if it didn't work out quite like I'd hoped."

Cyril leaned across for a quick kiss. Didn't end up being quick though. Tanner's free hand moved up to cup the side of his face and hold him in place.

He was pretty lucky himself.

The End


If you'd like to leave me prompt words for your very own personal ficlet, feel free to drop by my website and leave a few words on my guestbook (scroll down to it).

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ficlet - Rated NC-17

Today's ficlet continues the one I posted on Friday, titled Midnight Encounter. The ficlet was all I had of this little story at the time, but left me some prompt words in her comment (where I'd cross-posted it on ) and I used them to continue it.

These are the prompt words that were used to write this continuation: Louisiana, heat, lust, hips, lips, tongue, suck, pressure, fingertips, rose bud, taste, smell

Midnight Encounter Part 2

"You won't regret this, Henry. You'll think about it -- relive it in your mind -- but you'll never regret it."

Josh's voice sent a shiver down Henry's spine, despite the oppressive pre-storm Louisiana heat. He must be out of his mind to be considering this. He'd never let blind lust overrule common sense before, but then again, he'd never encountered a man like Josh before.

The lure of potential danger -- while knowing deep down, that due to Josh's connection with Paul, he was safe -- was heady. Josh squeezed his hand and led him through the picnic area, reaching out to take something off the wooden table as they passed by.

At the edge a little grove of trees, just outside the circle of light beaming down from overhead, Josh stopped, turned, and bowed to him. Now what?

Standing straight again, and grinning a quirky little half-smile, Josh presented him with flower…a fucking flower of all things. Nobody had ever given him a flower before.

He could smell it. In the dim light it was hard to say what color it was, but it looked like a rose bud.

"Thank you." Henry took the flower and sniffed it. It was probably a mistake to add to the sensory overload that was short-circuiting his brain, but he was already mesmerized.

Josh leaned over and softly kissed his lips, while brushing his fingertips along Henry's jaw. "Told you I wouldn't bite."

Henry smiled. "I might not object to a nibble or two."

Josh laughed, and tugged him toward the trees. "Good. I'll keep that in mind."

They stopped just a few yards inside the tree line, and Henry found himself backed up to a tree. He couldn't see anything, but he could feel Josh's body pressing in hard, and he could taste the salt on Josh's skin as he ran his tongue along the man's jawline.

Josh moaned and ground his hips in against Henry's. It was a relief to feel the evidence that Josh was every bit as turned on as he was. Sweat trickled down his back as Henry dropped the thorny flower and clamped his hands down onto firm, worn denim covered butt cheeks, pulling Josh in.

"Jesus, fuck Henry." Josh clamped his mouth down over Henry's and pressed in hard. Tongues clashing, chests and pelvises grinding, Henry was trapped in a crush between the rough tree and an unrelenting hard body.

Henry's leg came up to wind around Josh's thighs as Josh continued to mash into him. A minute turned into five, and his prick fucking ached like nothing he'd ever experienced before.

His head fell back with a groan when Josh finally broke their kiss to nip and suck along his neck. "Fuck, Josh…I've gotta fucking come." The pressure building in his balls was killing him.

Josh's hands moved to Henry's waist. The weight against his chest let up as warm hands slid inside his shirt, up his abs, until the palms covered his nipples.

Henry cried out when merciless fingers twisted his nipples, then Josh's lips were at his ear. "So fucking come, Henry…now."

"Fuck!" The throbbing pain in his nipples shot down his spine to his balls as spunk filled his briefs. Christ, he hadn't even gotten his pants down. Henry's arms moved up Josh's back, holding on tight as his knees weakened.

"Mmm, fuck yes, Henry." Josh sucked on his neck. Fuck, that was going to leave a mark, but he was beyond caring.

Josh. Fuck, he still needed to take care of Josh. Henry popped the snap on Josh's jeans and yanked down the zipper. Josh lost not time helping him out, shoving the jeans down to his thighs.

Henry slipped down past the waistband of Josh's briefs and wrapped his hand around Josh's cock. Josh groaned into his neck. "Yeah, Henry. Tight…just like that."

He stroked as Josh's mouth found his again. Josh gripped the sides of his face and pumped erratically into his fist. He was close. Henry's other hand moved back to Josh's ass, kneading.

"Don't stop…fuck…yeah, like that."

Henry didn't stop. He sped up as Josh first pushed his tongue in, then froze and jerked with a loud groan. Hot come spurted onto Henry's hand.

"Oh God, Henry. Fuck yes." Josh relaxed against him for a moment before straightening to pull up his pants and grin at Henry.

"Will I see you again?" Henry asked. "Or are you just into setting up random crazy rendezvous like this?"

"Oh, I'd like to see you again. You're a good sport." Josh wiggled his eyebrows. "Paul got your number?"


"Good. I'll call you."

Then he stepped back into the darkness and was gone. Henry swung his head side to side looking for him. "Josh?"

Where the hell had he gone? Fuck, he was standing there alone in the dark wearing sticky pants with a sticky damned hand with sweat dripping down his back.

Henry sighed and bent down to pick up his flower. He sniffed it as he walked back to the path to go home.

The End