Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ficlet - Rated PG-13

This is the last of the Cow Pie Bingo continuation ficlets. This one uses the prompt words phone, penis, laundry, hair. It is very short, and only rated PG-13, despite the prompt word that might lead you to think otherwise.:

After the Shower

He'd done it. Evan had given another man a blowjob. And he'd enjoyed doing it! Whether or not anything ultimately developed between him and Gary he knew one thing for sure. He was never looking back. Now that he'd taken the plunge he knew without a doubt what had been missing in his sex life. Men!

He stuffed his penis into his jeans and zipped up. He ran his fingers through his hair, tousling the short brown locks into shape then walked back to Gary's bedroom to find his shirt and socks.

He heard water start flowing in the plumbing and looked down the hall to see Gary stuffing laundry in a washing machine. Why in the world did it make him smile to see Gary taking care of a simple domestic task? And why did it make him yearn to share activities like that with Gary?

He caught himself staring and turned quickly back to his clothes. He liked Gary. He really did. But he wanted to be careful and make sure that he wasn't falling for the man simply because he was his first gay experience. He definitely wanted to proceed cautiously.

As he buttoned his shirt he looked back up and caught Gary staring at him. Time seemed to stand still as a smile slowly spread across Gary's face. Wow. He loved the look in Gary's eyes that told him he had as much of an effect on Gary as Gary had on him.

He couldn't bring himself to break eye contact until Gary winked and crooked his finger at him. He found himself smiling again as he answered Gary's silent command and entered the warm embrace that was killing his resolve to move things slowly.

He started the kiss himself but control was quickly wrenched from him. Gary's warm lips pressed forcefully down against his own and the tongue exploring his mouth was unrelenting. Wonderfully demanding.

But off in a flash when the phone in his pocket chose that inopportune time to ring.

The End

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