Monday, January 26, 2009

Ficlet - Rated NC-17

Hello again! Here's the continuation of the little ficlet that I posted yesterday. This one was based on the prompt words (tongue, tease, wobble, ass). Yesterday's ficlet and this one continue Cow Pie Bingo, a short story I wrote for Torquere Press. This ficlet is rated NC-17.

Gary Gets a Blowjob

Evan's sense of fair play helped him to quickly regain his composure. He leaned back to look into Gary's eyes as he slowly moved his hands down Gary's chest.

Gary caught Evan's hands in one of his own and he stared intently back into Evan's eye's. Gary shook his head. "No, Evan. On your knees, babe."

A grin spread across Evan's face in reply to Gary's command.

Gary winked at him. "You're okay with that, babe?" he asked.

"Absolutely," replied Evan. "I'm looking forward to it."

Gary turned them so the shower spray was beating on his own back. Evan sank down to his knees and found himself staring directly at a very large, very hard penis. He felt strangely proud of the fact that Gary was hard for him.

Evan took a deep breath and flicked out his tongue to tease around the head of the thick prick. He felt Gary's hands land on his head. Gary spread his legs apart and settled himself comfortably with an audible sigh.

Evan's hands gripped Gary's thick, hairy thighs and he dipped his head lower to take one of Gary's balls into his mouth. He rolled it around with his tongue for a bit then switched over to the other side.

Gary groaned when Evan finally released his balls. Evan tried to think about what would feel good to him and applied it to Gary. He brought his hands up and took a firm grip around the base of Gary's cock and opened up to bring the top half into his mouth. He sealed his lips and sucked.

Evan brought his other hand up to fondle Gary's balls and began to pump at the base of Gary's cock as he bobbed and sucked. Gary's hands tightened into fists gripping his hair and he moved with a controlled hip thrust.

Evan breathed in deeply through his nose and savored the clean musky scent. When he could taste Gary's pre-come on his tongue he knew Gary was getting close.

He let go of Gary's balls and moved his hand further back between Gary's legs. Gary spread further, giving Evan both room to reach and his unspoken consent as Evan trailed a finger up the crack of Gary's ass and found his puckered hole.

Evan remembered how he'd felt when Gary had first found his prostate and wanted to give Gary that same rapturous sensation. He circled Gary's opening with his slick, wet finger then pressed slowly in.

He felt Gary tighten up, initially, before forcing himself to relax. Gary's breathe quickened as Evan's finger pressed steadily onwards. Evan knew he'd reached his finger's objective when he felt Gary's legs wobble and a loud groan filled the air.

Gary's hands tightened again in his hair and Evan readied himself for Gary's ejaculation. He desperately wanted to handle this part well.

Evan continued to pump Gary's prick. He bobbed and sucked as Gary's thrusts turned erratic. Gary's groan deepened and Evan felt the thick length begin to pulse, then the hot, bitter fluid began to spurt into his mouth.

Evan sucked and swallowed, then sucked and swallowed some more. Evan eased his finger out of Gary ass and loosened his grip on Gary's cock. He gripped Gary's hip and licked the softening prick in his mouth.

Gary's hands softly massaged Evan's head and Evan popped off and leaned back to look up at Gary. Gary was looking down at him and reached down to help Evan to his feet. Immediately Gary brought his mouth down on Evan's for a brief but searing kiss.

Then Gary's mouth was at Evan's ear. His voice was husky as he spoke. "Perfect, Evan. You were perfect," he said. "Thank you, baby – so much."

Evan's proud smile split his face and his arms tightened around Gary's neck as he replied. "It was my pleasure."

The End

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