Friday, January 30, 2009

Ficlet - Rated PG-13 > R

This one's a bit of a tease. I'd rate it maybe an R for language and innuendo. It was written from prompt words: never, midnight, water, cloud

Midnight Encounter

Henry had to admit, Paul had thrown one hell of a party. He turned up his collar and picked up his pace. The air was brisk and he knew a rain cloud when he saw one, even if it was midnight and dark as pitch. It was more what he couldn't see -- the stars -- that gave away the clouds, and it just felt like rain was coming.

He turned down a path that would take him through the park. The crunch of his footsteps sounded loud as he hurried along the shortcut towards his apartment.

As he scurried through the dim light of the streetlight illuminating the picnic area he heard a voice. "Hey! Henry, isn't it?"

He didn't recognize the voice but stopped and turned towards the spot where it had originated. A shadowy figure stepped into the light. Henry didn't recognize the man. He took a step back and looked both directions down the path. Empty. Shit. How had the man known his name?

The man spoke again. "Yeah, you're him. You were at Paul's party."

Relief flooded through him. Paul knew the guy. Now that he mentioned it Henry did remember seeing him earlier on at the party. The man had left soon after Henry had arrived, though.

"How'd you know my name? We weren't introduced."

He smiled. "Asked Paul about you."

Really? Paul hadn't mentioned it. "You did?"



"Thought you were cute."

Cute!? Fuck that. 'Cute' wasn't exactly the look he was going for but what the hell…

The guy cocked an eyebrow at him, waiting for him to speak.

"Paul didn't mention it."

"I told him not to."

Why? The look on his face asked the question for him.

The stranger laughed. "Wanted to surprise you."

The hell? "Surprise me? Here? In the fucking park?" Was Paul in on this shit? "How do you know Paul anyway and what's your name?"

The man was still grinning at him. "Work…Josh…and calm down little fella, I don't bite…well not unless that's what you're into."

'Little fella' wasn't going to get this guy any further than 'cute'. The fact that he was horny as hell and Josh was hotter than fuck might, though. "Not into biting." Figured he'd get that cleared up right away.

Damn Josh had a killer grin. "So what are you into?"

"With assholes who waylay me in the fucking park at midnight? 'Fraid that's one scenario I've never encountered before."

"Too bad. It's fun."

"Didn't say I wouldn't consider it. Just haven't done it before."

"How 'bout we just keep things simple then." He cocked his head, beckoning Henry towards the darkness.

Shit. He was a friend of Paul. But still…

Apparently his hesitation didn't go unnoticed. "I promise I won't bite."

"How about strangle or stab? I'm not into those either."

"Jesus, I didn't bring a resume but you can call Paul if you want."

Fuck it. "Never mind, it's cool."

Henry tried to look confident as he closed the distance between them. He could hear water splashing into the fountain as Josh took his hands and leaned towards his ear to whisper. "You won't regret this, Henry. You'll think about it…relive it in your mind…but you'll never regret it."

The End

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ficlet - Rated R > NC-17

Hello! Here's a cute little stand-alone ficlet that I wrote based on the prompt words (jockey, cat, elevator, elementary). This ficlet is rated somewhere in the R to NC-17 range.

Elevator Hi-Jinx

Andy Watson diverted his eyes and looked around the elevator. Looked at anything except Craig, because looking at Craig was a good way to embarrass himself in front of the man. His blush tendency was bad enough, but his dress pants would not hide a hard on and he didn't want to have to face the man every time they met in the condo elevator forevermore and have the man know he had the hots for him.

Looking at old Mrs. Wilson's butt standing in front of him helped…a lot. She got off on the fifth floor, though. Then it was just him and Craig until Andy's stop on nine. Shit. He looked up at the corner as if the tiny cobweb there was the most fascinating thing he'd ever seen in his life.

The elevator stopped sooner than he'd expected. In fact it rather jarred to a stop, catching Andy off guard and causing him to stumble forward a step.

"Whoa there. You okay, Andy?"

Jesus, Craig-the-green-eyed-Adonis knew his name? He felt his face turn red. "Yeah, I'm fine. Damn, what happened?"

"Elevator stopped."

Well no kidding. He blamed old lady Crandall's black cat for walking in front of him as he entered the building. He looked at Craig. Couldn't exactly avoid it anymore. Craig had the oddest look in his eyes and there was a slight grin on his lips. Laughing at him? He tried to sound like nothing was wrong as he responded. "What do you think we should do?"

The grin on Craig's handsome face widened. "What do you want to do?"

What the hell did he mean by that? How should he know what to do? Was there some kind of help or call button on the panel? "Whatever you think's best is fine with me."

"Yeah?" Craig stepped over to him. Scary close. In your face close. Oh fuck…hand on your crotch close. "I think we should take care of your little problem here. That okay with you?"

Andy couldn't tear his eyes away from the mesmerizing green pair that was getting closer with each passing moment. Until he felt Craig's lips touch his, then his eyes closed and he allowed himself to just feel.

Feel the warm breath wafting into his mouth as teeth and lips nipped and nibbled at his lips. Feel the hands working open the fastenings on his pants. And…oh God…feeling the warm hand slipping inside his tighty whitey jockey shorts and encasing his rigid prick.

This wasn't happening. Of course it wasn't happening. He knew he'd open his eyes and find himself in bed waking up from a particularly intense dream. Intense and very real feeling. More real than any dream he could ever remember having.

Jesus. It was real. He was in a stalled elevator getting jerked off by a man who had no idea how much time he spent starring in Andy's fantasies.

The warm lips teasing his own suddenly clamped down on his mouth hard. He couldn't stop the moan that escaped him as Craig's tongue searched his mouth. The hand wanking on his cock picked up speed and he felt himself spiraling towards orgasm at an embarrassing pace.

Fuck, he couldn't stop it. Didn't want to stop it. Didn't want it to ever stop. The groan wrenched from him was crazy loud in his head, but muffled by the unrelenting mouth covering his.

Hot spunk shot onto his stomach and he felt Craig's other arm tighten around him, holding him up as his knees buckled. Time stood still as the hand on his prick slowed and the tongue in his mouth backed off to tantalize him once more with a gentle tease on his lips.

Until finally the movements all stopped, and he forced himself to open his eyes. He stared into green eyes that reflected the smile beneath them. His softened prick was released and he felt the waistband of his underwear snap back, then his zipper getting pulled back up.

He came back to life to take over refastening his belt as Craig stepped back. Jesus. He should say something, shouldn't he? "Now what?"

Shit. Or maybe he should have just kept his mouth shut. But Craig just smiled at him then replied. "It's elementary my dear Watson." He glanced at the control panel. "You see, pushing this button stopped the elevator, and pushing this button will restart it."

He reached out and pushed a button and the elevator sprang back to life. Five seconds later the doors opened at the ninth floor. Andy stumbled out feeling rather shocked by Craig's revelation. He looked back in time to see Craig wink at him as the doors slid shut.

The End

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ficlet - Rated PG-13

This is the last of the Cow Pie Bingo continuation ficlets. This one uses the prompt words phone, penis, laundry, hair. It is very short, and only rated PG-13, despite the prompt word that might lead you to think otherwise.:

After the Shower

He'd done it. Evan had given another man a blowjob. And he'd enjoyed doing it! Whether or not anything ultimately developed between him and Gary he knew one thing for sure. He was never looking back. Now that he'd taken the plunge he knew without a doubt what had been missing in his sex life. Men!

He stuffed his penis into his jeans and zipped up. He ran his fingers through his hair, tousling the short brown locks into shape then walked back to Gary's bedroom to find his shirt and socks.

He heard water start flowing in the plumbing and looked down the hall to see Gary stuffing laundry in a washing machine. Why in the world did it make him smile to see Gary taking care of a simple domestic task? And why did it make him yearn to share activities like that with Gary?

He caught himself staring and turned quickly back to his clothes. He liked Gary. He really did. But he wanted to be careful and make sure that he wasn't falling for the man simply because he was his first gay experience. He definitely wanted to proceed cautiously.

As he buttoned his shirt he looked back up and caught Gary staring at him. Time seemed to stand still as a smile slowly spread across Gary's face. Wow. He loved the look in Gary's eyes that told him he had as much of an effect on Gary as Gary had on him.

He couldn't bring himself to break eye contact until Gary winked and crooked his finger at him. He found himself smiling again as he answered Gary's silent command and entered the warm embrace that was killing his resolve to move things slowly.

He started the kiss himself but control was quickly wrenched from him. Gary's warm lips pressed forcefully down against his own and the tongue exploring his mouth was unrelenting. Wonderfully demanding.

But off in a flash when the phone in his pocket chose that inopportune time to ring.

The End

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ficlet - Rated PG-13

Here's the third in the series of ficlets I'm putting up. This one's a stand-alone ultra-short using the prompt words paddle, sir, count, sorry. It’s rated PG-13:

Uh, Oh

Well this was new. Craig wasn't entirely sure what to think of the paddle that was on the kitchen counter. Wasn't a ping pong paddle. Wasn't much like anything he'd ever seen before. Well, outside of the 'toy' store anyway.

Uh, oh.

Brandon didn't think he was going to use that thing on him did he? Oh man. He had rather liked it when Brandon spanked him the other night. That had been unexpected and amazingly hot. But a paddle?

Damn. It was bound to hurt more than a hand. His cock twitched at the thought. Maybe that would be a good thing. Damn.

He spun around, paddle still in hand, at the sound of the front door opening. Brandon saw what he was holding and a rather wicked little smile spread over his face as he closed the door behind him. "Like it?"

Shit. "I was just trying to decide."

"Good enough. If you really didn't want to you'd have known it right away."

"I'm not going to call you 'Sir'."

Brandon's laugh was cocky. "Would you rather call me 'Master'. Maybe I'll have you count off the spanks for being so sassy."

Maybe he should just shut the hell up before Brandon made him sorry for agreeing to this. 'Cause if the condition of his cock was telling him anything, it was telling him that he was agreeing.

The End

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ficlet - Rated NC-17

Hello again! Here's the continuation of the little ficlet that I posted yesterday. This one was based on the prompt words (tongue, tease, wobble, ass). Yesterday's ficlet and this one continue Cow Pie Bingo, a short story I wrote for Torquere Press. This ficlet is rated NC-17.

Gary Gets a Blowjob

Evan's sense of fair play helped him to quickly regain his composure. He leaned back to look into Gary's eyes as he slowly moved his hands down Gary's chest.

Gary caught Evan's hands in one of his own and he stared intently back into Evan's eye's. Gary shook his head. "No, Evan. On your knees, babe."

A grin spread across Evan's face in reply to Gary's command.

Gary winked at him. "You're okay with that, babe?" he asked.

"Absolutely," replied Evan. "I'm looking forward to it."

Gary turned them so the shower spray was beating on his own back. Evan sank down to his knees and found himself staring directly at a very large, very hard penis. He felt strangely proud of the fact that Gary was hard for him.

Evan took a deep breath and flicked out his tongue to tease around the head of the thick prick. He felt Gary's hands land on his head. Gary spread his legs apart and settled himself comfortably with an audible sigh.

Evan's hands gripped Gary's thick, hairy thighs and he dipped his head lower to take one of Gary's balls into his mouth. He rolled it around with his tongue for a bit then switched over to the other side.

Gary groaned when Evan finally released his balls. Evan tried to think about what would feel good to him and applied it to Gary. He brought his hands up and took a firm grip around the base of Gary's cock and opened up to bring the top half into his mouth. He sealed his lips and sucked.

Evan brought his other hand up to fondle Gary's balls and began to pump at the base of Gary's cock as he bobbed and sucked. Gary's hands tightened into fists gripping his hair and he moved with a controlled hip thrust.

Evan breathed in deeply through his nose and savored the clean musky scent. When he could taste Gary's pre-come on his tongue he knew Gary was getting close.

He let go of Gary's balls and moved his hand further back between Gary's legs. Gary spread further, giving Evan both room to reach and his unspoken consent as Evan trailed a finger up the crack of Gary's ass and found his puckered hole.

Evan remembered how he'd felt when Gary had first found his prostate and wanted to give Gary that same rapturous sensation. He circled Gary's opening with his slick, wet finger then pressed slowly in.

He felt Gary tighten up, initially, before forcing himself to relax. Gary's breathe quickened as Evan's finger pressed steadily onwards. Evan knew he'd reached his finger's objective when he felt Gary's legs wobble and a loud groan filled the air.

Gary's hands tightened again in his hair and Evan readied himself for Gary's ejaculation. He desperately wanted to handle this part well.

Evan continued to pump Gary's prick. He bobbed and sucked as Gary's thrusts turned erratic. Gary's groan deepened and Evan felt the thick length begin to pulse, then the hot, bitter fluid began to spurt into his mouth.

Evan sucked and swallowed, then sucked and swallowed some more. Evan eased his finger out of Gary ass and loosened his grip on Gary's cock. He gripped Gary's hip and licked the softening prick in his mouth.

Gary's hands softly massaged Evan's head and Evan popped off and leaned back to look up at Gary. Gary was looking down at him and reached down to help Evan to his feet. Immediately Gary brought his mouth down on Evan's for a brief but searing kiss.

Then Gary's mouth was at Evan's ear. His voice was husky as he spoke. "Perfect, Evan. You were perfect," he said. "Thank you, baby – so much."

Evan's proud smile split his face and his arms tightened around Gary's neck as he replied. "It was my pleasure."

The End

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Free Ficlets

I feel like highlighting the free ficlets I have on my website. I'm going to feature one a day for the next week or so.

All of the ficlets can be read on the "prompt word ficlets" page of my website, here.

A summary of all of my releases to date can be viewed either here, on the "my publications" page of my website, or here, on my listings page on the Torquere Books site.

Most of the ficlets I'll be featuring were written from prompt words given to me via the guestbook at my website, but I've also cross-posted ficlets written for TQ's LJ social there, as well as the ficlet I wrote for TQ's road of relationships board. Some of the ficlets continue some of my publications, and some are stand-alone.

Here's the first one. It continue's Cow Pie Bingo, and uses the prompt words boner, shower, soap, balls:

Evan and Gary Take a Shower

Evan heard a noise behind him as he closed his cell phone. He turned and saw Gary smiling at him. It was one of those face-splitting ear-to-ear smiles. Evan's reciprocal smile was automatic.

"You sound happy, Evan," commented Gary.

"I am happy. It's crazy, I should be feeling scared right now but instead I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders," replied Evan.

Gary opened his arms and Evan stepped smoothly into them. Jesus, it felt so damned good wrapped in that strong, warm embrace. Evan felt his cock twitch – the damned thing had a mind of its own.

Evan couldn't resist – he turned his head and nibbled on the side of Gary's neck. He felt Gary's arms tighten around him then Gary moved to bring his mouth down on Evan's.

Evan still found it hard to believe the overwhelmingly powerful reaction his body had to the man's kiss. Jesus, he was springing a damned boner right there and he'd already come twice earlier that afternoon.

Gary broke the kiss and stepped back to look at Evan. He chuckled as his eyes traveled down to Evan's rapidly hardening prick. "Oh, we're going to get along beautifully, Evan," he said.

Evan laughed and noticed that Gary was similarly affected. "Oh, yeah," agreed Evan.

Gary's eyes twinkled as they traveled over Evan's abs and took in the dried spunk that still clung to his skin. "Why don't we take care of our little – ah – dilemma in the shower, babe?" Gary asked.

Evan had to laugh. Gary captured his hand and led him down the hall to the bathroom. Gary had a large walk-in shower. He reached in and started the water before turning back to Evan.

They only had time for a few light smacking kisses before steam was rising from the shower. Gary stepped back and pulled Evan into the stall with him.

"Business first," said Gary. He reached for the shampoo and poured some into Evan's hand, then into his own. They worked the woodsy scented stuff into their hair then took turns rinsing under the spray.

Gary reached for the bar of soap and lathered up his hands. He winked at Evan. "Arms up, babe," he said.

Evan grinned and lifted his arms in the air. Clearly Gary liked taking charge and Evan was fascinated by his own newfound inclination for deferring control to another.

Gary slowly moved his large hands up one arm, then the other, gently, but firmly working the suds into Evan's skin. He lingered a moment longer than necessary at Evan's armpits, then moved down to circle his nipples.

Evan closed his eyes and his head dropped back as his hands came down to rest on Gary's shoulders. Gary's hands moved lower, trailing slowly downwards, before stopping to lather off what remained of the dried come on his abs.

Evan lifted his head and stared into Gary's eyes as Gary's hands moved still lower. Evan gasped as one of Gary's hands took a firm grip on Evan's now aching cock and the other cupped his balls, rolling them gently.

Evan knew he should be doing something to reciprocate but remaining upright with a firm grip on Gary's shoulders was all he could manage at the moment. Gary didn't seem to mind – he leaned down and began a deep and very thorough kiss as he pumped Evan's cock.

Evan groaned and moved his hands around to the back of Gary's neck. Gary's second hand moved lower, putting pressure behind Evan's balls, stimulating his prostate from the outside.

Gary sped up his pumping action and slipped his thumb through Evan's slit. Evan groaned again and felt his orgasm building towards release.

The hot water beat against Evan's back as the pressure built and a jolt raced along his spine. He cried out into Gary's mouth as hot come spurted over Gary's hand. Gary released him from the kiss and Evan lowered his head to Gary's shoulder, breathing heavily.

Evan's sense of fair play helped him to quickly regain his composure. He leaned back to look into Gary's eyes as he slowly moved his hands down Gary's chest.

Gary caught Evan's hands in one of his own and he stared intently back into Evan's eye's. Gary shook his head. "No, Evan. On your knees, babe."

That's a bit of a tease at the end, isn't it? Not to worry. The next ficlet continued this little story. :)