Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ficlet - Rated R > NC-17

Hello! Here's a cute little stand-alone ficlet that I wrote based on the prompt words (jockey, cat, elevator, elementary). This ficlet is rated somewhere in the R to NC-17 range.

Elevator Hi-Jinx

Andy Watson diverted his eyes and looked around the elevator. Looked at anything except Craig, because looking at Craig was a good way to embarrass himself in front of the man. His blush tendency was bad enough, but his dress pants would not hide a hard on and he didn't want to have to face the man every time they met in the condo elevator forevermore and have the man know he had the hots for him.

Looking at old Mrs. Wilson's butt standing in front of him helped…a lot. She got off on the fifth floor, though. Then it was just him and Craig until Andy's stop on nine. Shit. He looked up at the corner as if the tiny cobweb there was the most fascinating thing he'd ever seen in his life.

The elevator stopped sooner than he'd expected. In fact it rather jarred to a stop, catching Andy off guard and causing him to stumble forward a step.

"Whoa there. You okay, Andy?"

Jesus, Craig-the-green-eyed-Adonis knew his name? He felt his face turn red. "Yeah, I'm fine. Damn, what happened?"

"Elevator stopped."

Well no kidding. He blamed old lady Crandall's black cat for walking in front of him as he entered the building. He looked at Craig. Couldn't exactly avoid it anymore. Craig had the oddest look in his eyes and there was a slight grin on his lips. Laughing at him? He tried to sound like nothing was wrong as he responded. "What do you think we should do?"

The grin on Craig's handsome face widened. "What do you want to do?"

What the hell did he mean by that? How should he know what to do? Was there some kind of help or call button on the panel? "Whatever you think's best is fine with me."

"Yeah?" Craig stepped over to him. Scary close. In your face close. Oh fuck…hand on your crotch close. "I think we should take care of your little problem here. That okay with you?"

Andy couldn't tear his eyes away from the mesmerizing green pair that was getting closer with each passing moment. Until he felt Craig's lips touch his, then his eyes closed and he allowed himself to just feel.

Feel the warm breath wafting into his mouth as teeth and lips nipped and nibbled at his lips. Feel the hands working open the fastenings on his pants. And…oh God…feeling the warm hand slipping inside his tighty whitey jockey shorts and encasing his rigid prick.

This wasn't happening. Of course it wasn't happening. He knew he'd open his eyes and find himself in bed waking up from a particularly intense dream. Intense and very real feeling. More real than any dream he could ever remember having.

Jesus. It was real. He was in a stalled elevator getting jerked off by a man who had no idea how much time he spent starring in Andy's fantasies.

The warm lips teasing his own suddenly clamped down on his mouth hard. He couldn't stop the moan that escaped him as Craig's tongue searched his mouth. The hand wanking on his cock picked up speed and he felt himself spiraling towards orgasm at an embarrassing pace.

Fuck, he couldn't stop it. Didn't want to stop it. Didn't want it to ever stop. The groan wrenched from him was crazy loud in his head, but muffled by the unrelenting mouth covering his.

Hot spunk shot onto his stomach and he felt Craig's other arm tighten around him, holding him up as his knees buckled. Time stood still as the hand on his prick slowed and the tongue in his mouth backed off to tantalize him once more with a gentle tease on his lips.

Until finally the movements all stopped, and he forced himself to open his eyes. He stared into green eyes that reflected the smile beneath them. His softened prick was released and he felt the waistband of his underwear snap back, then his zipper getting pulled back up.

He came back to life to take over refastening his belt as Craig stepped back. Jesus. He should say something, shouldn't he? "Now what?"

Shit. Or maybe he should have just kept his mouth shut. But Craig just smiled at him then replied. "It's elementary my dear Watson." He glanced at the control panel. "You see, pushing this button stopped the elevator, and pushing this button will restart it."

He reached out and pushed a button and the elevator sprang back to life. Five seconds later the doors opened at the ninth floor. Andy stumbled out feeling rather shocked by Craig's revelation. He looked back in time to see Craig wink at him as the doors slid shut.

The End

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