Monday, February 2, 2009

Ficlet - Rated NC-17

Today's ficlet continues the one I posted on Friday, titled Midnight Encounter. The ficlet was all I had of this little story at the time, but left me some prompt words in her comment (where I'd cross-posted it on ) and I used them to continue it.

These are the prompt words that were used to write this continuation: Louisiana, heat, lust, hips, lips, tongue, suck, pressure, fingertips, rose bud, taste, smell

Midnight Encounter Part 2

"You won't regret this, Henry. You'll think about it -- relive it in your mind -- but you'll never regret it."

Josh's voice sent a shiver down Henry's spine, despite the oppressive pre-storm Louisiana heat. He must be out of his mind to be considering this. He'd never let blind lust overrule common sense before, but then again, he'd never encountered a man like Josh before.

The lure of potential danger -- while knowing deep down, that due to Josh's connection with Paul, he was safe -- was heady. Josh squeezed his hand and led him through the picnic area, reaching out to take something off the wooden table as they passed by.

At the edge a little grove of trees, just outside the circle of light beaming down from overhead, Josh stopped, turned, and bowed to him. Now what?

Standing straight again, and grinning a quirky little half-smile, Josh presented him with flower…a fucking flower of all things. Nobody had ever given him a flower before.

He could smell it. In the dim light it was hard to say what color it was, but it looked like a rose bud.

"Thank you." Henry took the flower and sniffed it. It was probably a mistake to add to the sensory overload that was short-circuiting his brain, but he was already mesmerized.

Josh leaned over and softly kissed his lips, while brushing his fingertips along Henry's jaw. "Told you I wouldn't bite."

Henry smiled. "I might not object to a nibble or two."

Josh laughed, and tugged him toward the trees. "Good. I'll keep that in mind."

They stopped just a few yards inside the tree line, and Henry found himself backed up to a tree. He couldn't see anything, but he could feel Josh's body pressing in hard, and he could taste the salt on Josh's skin as he ran his tongue along the man's jawline.

Josh moaned and ground his hips in against Henry's. It was a relief to feel the evidence that Josh was every bit as turned on as he was. Sweat trickled down his back as Henry dropped the thorny flower and clamped his hands down onto firm, worn denim covered butt cheeks, pulling Josh in.

"Jesus, fuck Henry." Josh clamped his mouth down over Henry's and pressed in hard. Tongues clashing, chests and pelvises grinding, Henry was trapped in a crush between the rough tree and an unrelenting hard body.

Henry's leg came up to wind around Josh's thighs as Josh continued to mash into him. A minute turned into five, and his prick fucking ached like nothing he'd ever experienced before.

His head fell back with a groan when Josh finally broke their kiss to nip and suck along his neck. "Fuck, Josh…I've gotta fucking come." The pressure building in his balls was killing him.

Josh's hands moved to Henry's waist. The weight against his chest let up as warm hands slid inside his shirt, up his abs, until the palms covered his nipples.

Henry cried out when merciless fingers twisted his nipples, then Josh's lips were at his ear. "So fucking come, Henry…now."

"Fuck!" The throbbing pain in his nipples shot down his spine to his balls as spunk filled his briefs. Christ, he hadn't even gotten his pants down. Henry's arms moved up Josh's back, holding on tight as his knees weakened.

"Mmm, fuck yes, Henry." Josh sucked on his neck. Fuck, that was going to leave a mark, but he was beyond caring.

Josh. Fuck, he still needed to take care of Josh. Henry popped the snap on Josh's jeans and yanked down the zipper. Josh lost not time helping him out, shoving the jeans down to his thighs.

Henry slipped down past the waistband of Josh's briefs and wrapped his hand around Josh's cock. Josh groaned into his neck. "Yeah, Henry. Tight…just like that."

He stroked as Josh's mouth found his again. Josh gripped the sides of his face and pumped erratically into his fist. He was close. Henry's other hand moved back to Josh's ass, kneading.

"Don't stop…fuck…yeah, like that."

Henry didn't stop. He sped up as Josh first pushed his tongue in, then froze and jerked with a loud groan. Hot come spurted onto Henry's hand.

"Oh God, Henry. Fuck yes." Josh relaxed against him for a moment before straightening to pull up his pants and grin at Henry.

"Will I see you again?" Henry asked. "Or are you just into setting up random crazy rendezvous like this?"

"Oh, I'd like to see you again. You're a good sport." Josh wiggled his eyebrows. "Paul got your number?"


"Good. I'll call you."

Then he stepped back into the darkness and was gone. Henry swung his head side to side looking for him. "Josh?"

Where the hell had he gone? Fuck, he was standing there alone in the dark wearing sticky pants with a sticky damned hand with sweat dripping down his back.

Henry sighed and bent down to pick up his flower. He sniffed it as he walked back to the path to go home.

The End

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