Monday, February 23, 2009

Ficlet PG-13

Hello! It's been a few weeks since I've posted a little ficlet, so here's one I wrote incorporating 18 prompt words/phrases. I'd give it a PG-13 rating for innuendo.

Here are the prompt words/phrases that were used: sunshine, breakfast, coffee, alarm clock, school bus, large haldron collider, sweltering, studio, purple dildo, leather, shovel, hornet, dominate, hot chocolate, rhinestone, leash, flake, If you do that one more time…

Whew! I think I managed a fairly coherent, sexy yet sweet little ficlet using all of those words, and only taking 555 words to do it! In the interests of full disclosure I'll admit that I was given a few more words than those listed, but only promised to use "at lease one word" from each contributor. :)

I've underlined the prompt words in the ficlet, below:

Playing Hooky
A Prompt Word Ficlet by Addison Albright

Ben turned the coffee maker on and pulled a box of Corn Flakes out of the cabinet. The alarm clock had gone off way too early this morning and he was going to need lots of caffeine with his breakfast.

"Good morning sunshine." Jerry's voice was as sunny as the day. "Coffee smells great, but I'm in the mood for hot chocolate today."

"Hot chocolate? Really? It's gonna be sweltering today."

Mr. I-love-mornings winked at him. "You're drinking coffee."

He couldn't refute that logic so he poured his cereal, sat down and willed the coffee pot to drip faster. "You going in to the studio today?"

A school bus rumbled by and he missed Jerry's reply. It involved an eye roll, though.


"I said, what's the point? The earth's going to be swallowed by a black hole today anyway. Might as well stay home for it."

Ben just shook his head. Jerry and his large haldron collider worries. "You're pretty chipper this morning considering the world's coming to an end."

Jerry smiled. "Well, I don't really believe that. But don't you think it would be a fun excuse to just stay home. You know. Say to hell with it all, we're playing hooky today."

He grinned. Jerry was a free spirit and sometimes his attitude was contagious. There wasn't anything he needed to do at the office today that couldn't be put off a day, was there? "What excuse should I use?"

"You could just tell old Prather a hornet stung you. You're allergic to freaking everything so that'd work. He's such a flake anyway you could tell him anything."

"What about you? I can just hear Jenkins now: if you do that one more time…"

Jerry laughed. "He always says that. I'll just tell him I've got the stomach flu and I'll work from home. I'm pretty much done with that project anyway."

He wasn't going to tell his boss he'd been stung by a hornet but he could see a case of the stomach flu buying him a day at home. Damn, what a fun idea. "What do you want to do with our day off? We can't go out and risk being seen after calling in."

Jerry had a playful glint in his eye. "We're being bad. I think we should be really bad. Remember those gifts Randy gave us when we moved in together? The one's you put in the back of the closet?"

Jesus. "The leather collar?"

"And the rhinestone studded leash."

"Oh yeah." Damn. Jerry had such a hopeful look in his eyes. "Ah, okay. Who's going to wear it?"

Jerry gave him an eyebrow wiggle. "Wanna dominate me? Or would you rather be dominated?"

He wouldn't know where to start. The idea of Jerry getting all Dom on him was kind of intriguing, though. Hot even. "Uh, you can be in charge."

Jerry's eyes turned serious. "I've got a purple dildo with your name on it."

Ben choked. A what? Was it too late to back out? He opened his mouth, but nothing came out.

Jerry walked calmly over to the coffee pot and turned it off. He poured a cup and set it in front of Ben. "Drink up and shovel in some cereal. You're going to need the energy."

What had he gotten himself into?

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