Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One-Year Anniversary - CULTIVATING LOVE

Today is the one-year anniversary of my novella, Cultivating Love, published by Loose ID on June 9, 2009. Following is a little information about that story and a brief excerpt. Excerpts and a summary of reviews for all my stories are available on my website.

When two gay men move to a farm in small-town America, their relationship warms up, but can they take the heat of the bigotry they face?

Book Cover

A Novella
120 pages / 33,800 words
ISBN 978-1-59632-971-3
Cost: $4.99

Cover Artist: Croco Designs

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A man of few words, Joe is a hard-working farmhand who likes his simple, uncomplicated life. Ed is satisfied with his existence as an auto mechanic, but thrilled when an unexpected development in his life allows him to help Joe realize a dream.

It forces them, however, to reevaluate the casual, undefined nature of their relationship. They're too macho to speak of love, and neither would ever dream of acknowledging he doesn't really mind when it's his turn to bottom. When life throws them a curve ball, and the rules of their game get old, Ed makes an effort to take every aspect of their relationship up a notch. Will Joe be able to adapt to the open sentimentality Ed's injecting into their relationship, let alone the new spice in their bedroom activities?

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An Excerpt…

“Ed?” Joe’s voice wasn’t much more than a whisper, close to his ear.

Ed groaned. “What”

“Hey, I’m leaving. Sorry, I didn’t want to go without saying good-bye.”

Ed’s eyes flashed open. “Shit.” He sat up. “What time is it?”

“Uh, three o’clock. Sorry, I want to get there pretty early. Got a lot to do.”

Ed stood up. Jesus. No wonder it was so pitch dark. “Okay.” His brain was still foggy. He couldn’t think of the right words he knew he wanted to say. Damn, it would be days before he’d see Joe again. Shit, maybe a week. Or more.

He felt Joe’s hands on his shoulders, then Joe’s lips on his own. The kiss was tender and full of longing. Not wanting to let him go, Ed put his arms around Joe’s waist. The kiss broke way too soon. “Don’t go,” Ed whispered before his sluggish brain could catch up with his mouth. Shit.

Joe didn’t laugh, though, or even grin. Instead, he brought one hand up to cup Ed’s face before giving him a soft kiss. “I have to. Follow soon, Ed.”

“I will.”

“Promise?” Joe’s voice was husky.

Ed nodded. With his heart heavy, he knew he’d choke on any words he tried to speak.

Joe pulled back, and Ed let him go. Ed walked with him to the door. “Call me.”

Joe stared into his eyes before giving him one last quick kiss. “Every day.”

Ed worked up a little smile. Joe winked and turned to walk out to Ed’s little Escort. That was classic Joe -- practical and hardworking, with barely a hint of sentiment. And Ed missed him already. In less than a minute, Joe was out of sight. Ed slowly shut the door and leaned his forehead against the smooth wood. He felt empty. Cold and empty, and suddenly overwhelmed with emotion. He shuddered, fighting a tear that threatened to break free.

To hell with it. There were no witnesses, so he gave in and let go. Wet trails streamed down his face. Wondering how or when it had come to this, he bit his lip, salty with tears, and snuffled. What were they getting themselves into? This was way past the level where either of them could just walk away at the drop of a hat if they had a big argument. But that was good, wasn’t it? Joe had agreed they were partners and had been over-the-moon happy looking over the farm. If nothing else, he had Joe hooked with the farm.

His head ached, and he didn’t want to think about it anymore. He scrubbed his face with the palm of his hands and padded back to his lonely bed.

* * * * *

All was quiet and peaceful on the farm when Joe pulled to a stop behind the house. He wanted to think about anything but Ed and the look on Ed’s face when he’d left home. Worse yet, he didn’t want to confront his own feelings as he’d pulled out of the driveway and fully grasped the knowledge that it would be days before he’d see Ed again.

He missed Ed acutely. Hell, he’d rather bottom for Ed every day for a week than live apart for a week. Joe smiled ruefully to himself. That was a thought he’d take to the grave with him. That and the fact he’d actually had to fight back tears as each minute had taken him farther away from Ed.

He tossed his bags in the house, grabbed a sandwich and some Gatorade, and headed out to the barn. He needed to take care of the horses and let them out to exercise in the pen. The dogs greeted him as he approached. He put out some food and fresh water for them before turning to the horses. He let them loose in the pen, filled their water trough, and gave them their morning ration of hay and oats. In the machine shed, he hooked the swather up behind the large tractor and headed out to the alfalfa field.

Thank you! - Addison Albright

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  1. Congrats! This is on my reader - why haven't I read it yet?! Hmm....

  2. Thanks! I dunno...hmmm? It's my personal favorite of my stories. :-)